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We are commercially active in recycling and packaging sectors, but thanks to our international devoted teams, our services covers all sectors around the globe.

Our long expertise in international trading allows us to confront the challenges of the constant changing trade exchange methods, through a network of innovative operations that span the key markets of the world.


Being committed to find new solutions for business owners in turbulent markets makes our company both dynamic and creative.
Our services bring you new opportunities. 


Many top firms in the world have already signup with procurement services providers while many are still looking for a way to tap into this service.


Raw materials.
End-of-Sale products.
Overstocks & overproductions.
Stocks with transport damage.

Waste and recyclable materials.


Our Team  

We believe in fostering a culture of autonomy, aspiration and trust on the part of our people. All staff have access to an extensive global resource base, a robust corporate infrastructure and effective processes and controls to give them the best possible chance to be successful.

 Sustainability & CSR

For us, environment is not a trend, it's always present in our management making decisions process.
Since well-rooted corporate values drive these decisions, the commitment to sustainability is generational. 
At Ninar Group, we understand that healthy employees and thriving communities mean healthy business and vice versa.

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