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Procurement spend can account for as much as 50 percent of an organization’s total annual expenditure.

Savings attained through effective sourcing and procurement practices enable companies to reinvest in growth, personnel, facilities and equipment to drive improved performance.

Many top firms in the world have already signup with procurement services providers while many are still looking for a way to tap into this service.

Our dedicated sourcing team, meets this challenge through a network of operations that span the key markets of the world.

We are convinced it is not always the most expensive material that is the most suitable for all applications: rather, it is necessary to find the one whose mechanical, ecological, and economic yield is the most efficient for a specific application.

Discovering market opportunities

Making informed buying decisions

Conducting effective negotiations

Clarifying supply chain risks

We focuses mostly on difficult countries where the market for goods and services lacks transparency and fluidity, and where consequently many products and services are hard to find and / or command a high price. Most of our current business is carried out with customers in Middle East and North Africa.

If you are looking for certain materials or quantities that are no longer standard in your industry, we are here to help.

Our expertise lies with the identification of suppliers, goods and services, the negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions and in the delivery to the end user.

This service saves you time, as communications are carried out in the same country, overcoming language, cultural or time-zone barriers that often delay global trade workflows.

We take care of customers who do not fall into our specializations but who require special products.

Let us know what your requirements are, we will provide the solution and strive to go beyond yours expectations.

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