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This is Ninar

Moving and transforming raw materials into finished products, transporting those products, and distributing them to the end-user had become more difficult around the globe, especially in countries experiencing heavy political conflicts and fundamental economic transformations.

This prompted many business owners to search for effective solutions to conterfront the new challenges in the methods of trade exchange around the world.

Ninar Group is a company founded by many business owners from around the world in response to the increasing demand for economic solutions in the unstable MENA regions.
Working in collaboration with our international customers to make selling and buying easier, in a responsible manner, is our aim.

We are commercially active in various trading sectors like recycling, packaging and decorative materials, but thanks to our international dedicated teams, our services covers all sectors.

Ninar Group was founded a few years ago and has been represented in Germany since September 2019.
Our deep roots in the MENA regions allowed us to establish long term relations between different business partners and stakeholders around the world.



Quality assurance

We want our partners to be successful in their business and therefore ensure the quality not only through the data sheets of our suppliers and producers but also with samples that we check before buying, and through field inspection visits.

We arrange meetings and workshops with our producers and suppliers on behalf of our customers to ensure that standards meet the results.

Our in-house test center and, if requested by the customer, also laboratories will examine the quality.


Sustainability & CSR


For us, environment is not a trend! our main commitment is in two areas

Environmental sustainability:
With every order and delivery we plant diligently for a better climate, as a greeting, our partners receive a tree that bears the company name.

Social sustainability:
We not only finance refrigerators or special equipment for the disabled, but also support training courses, cancer care programs and hospitals.

A help that creates a direct impact is the most important thing for us!



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