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Fraud Warning

We would like to alert our business partners that recently a considerable number of fraud companies, false websites, online scams and false information/documents have been found, inducing and deceiving to be us, or our representative, or our authorized person. 
Please note that we never inform any bank or bank account change by email and that all transfers should be made to the accounts mentioned in our invoices or in the letter accompanying our invoice.
Payment to Ninar Group shall be deemed effected only when and to the extent payment proceeds shall have been received on an account of Ninar Group.
Payments of Ninar Group shall liberate Ninar Group when and to the extent Ninar Group shall have dispatched the payment proceeds to an account indicated to Ninar Group for payment; Ninar Group will not accept account data communicated on an email to Ninar Group.
Please be aware that is our only official registered website where customers can receive all information related to our company profiles and products and that we only use our email addresses and never use any of the free subscription providers.
Our company and our authorized persons cannot be responsible for any possible risk, loss and damage resulting from the use of false websites/information/document and actions of these fraud companies, false websites, online scams and false information/document. We will reserve the right to take legal action against such unscrupulous companies and imposters.
If you suspect any attempt to defraud or a fraud should ever be perpetrated against us, please immediately report the activity to

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